Null Media Couture

Restate Mediattack Lookbook
FW 2016-2017
Coming October 2016
Part of an upcoming series of collaborations

Cover credits

Photography: Null
Pseudo-Photography: Restate Media
Art Direction: Radiomovil Dipsa S.A. de C.V.
Copywriter: Microsoft Cognitive Services API
Hair: Artificial Tropical Foliage Inc.
MUA: Model's own
Toxins: Natural encounter > Airborne
Media skincare: Glitché Ltd.

Restate Media Lookbook Control Team

HSTC’ [HTTP Streams Test Conductor Prime]
TTC / TTC’ [Typographical Test Conductor and Typographical Test Conductor Prime]
CAC [Cultural Appropriation Commander]
CSC [Cyber Security Coordinaters]
Vista Hermosa Flight [Buffering & Load Director at the Mission Control Center in Monterrey, NL]
SPDD [San Pedro Garza García Data Tracking & Data Network Stations]
CRP [C.R.E.A.M. Provider, !important]
Biosafety Console [Biosafety Console Controller]
PDPE [Pseudo-Design Project Engineer]
DRD [Design Redundancy Director]
SRO [Superintendent of Ridiculous Operations]
CDR [Lookbook Mission Commander]

Cover title / Description

A close up of a palm tree [Confidence: 51.3%]

Semantic content / Tags

Plant [Confidence: 99.2%]
Tree  [Confidence: 99.1%]
Palm  [Confidence: 96.5%] + Hint: "Tree"
Clip Art Type > Ambiguous
Line Drawing Type > Non-Line Drawing
Is Adult Content > False [Adult score: 0.7%]
Is Racy Content > False [Racy Score: 1.05%]

Technical data

Image Format > JPEG
Image Dimensions > 750 x 750
Color Space > RGB
Color Profile > sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Black & White Image > False

Copyright notice that doesn't really mean anything.

Restate Media: Experimental[?] Media & Electronic Architecture[?] Consortium™
Made with dignity[?] in Bundesrepublik Mexico, 2004 — 2017.

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